Espresso Royale – Magil Road, St Morris

Sometimes Adelaide comes up with the goods! Check out Espresso Royale for a fantastic coffee and with no need to worry about trying to make your kid sit still and quiet for 5 minutes. Toys, tents and a cubby house. There’s even a few etch a sketchs.

Bounce Party at Marleston

The Kid had a party at Bounce not long ago with 10 friends. Shout out to Bounce for a really cool birthday party – I didn’t have to do anything other than chat and wait. An instructor took the kids around the arena for an hour and afterward brought them to the party room. He hosted the party, brought out the ice cream cake (I purchased as an extra) and mucked around with them. Unlike a lot of hosts I’ve had at different venues over the years he genuinely seemed to like kids and was happy to interact with them.

The only downside was it how damn HOT it was in there! It was a very hot day and the air con just wasn’t cutting it in the waiting area. The kids had a ball though, we’d definitely go again.

Marion Aquatic Centre / SA Aquatic and Leisure

During the summer school holidays The Kid and I took a trip to the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre located at Oaklands Park. After a squiz on their website I called up to sort out my confusion between the advertised Aqua Splash/Junior Aqua Splash and the Splash Park. The helpful lass on the phone told me he could access either of these activities – the Splash Park is open to all and the Junior Aqua Splash is suited to his age (7) and is an extra fee. Done.

On arrival the centre is big and impressive. My son immediately goes bananas upon seeing the Splash Park and I wrangle myself out of my clothes and into my one piece bathing suit. I look at myself. I turn around. I put board shorts on. The world is not ready for me in a bathing suit, and neither am I.

The Splash Park is like an indoor playground with 2 small water slides and a giant bucket that fills up and dunks the kids with water. My worst nightmare – a kid’s dream.


The big bucket at the Splash Park!

After 2 hours of running up and down, squealing and laughing, and waiting numerous times for the big bucket to fill up The Kid asks to go over to the Junior Aqua Splash. After a few wrong turns we make it through the centre to the Junior Aqua Splash which looks like a series of small bouncy castles on water. A lady stops us, takes our ticket and tells us The Kid must pass a swimming test before he can go on. Oh, I wasn’t informed. Hang on, this is Junior Aqua Splash? The website said nothing about a test, the lady who sold me the ticket said nothing about a test. I thought this was for little kids.

She tells The Kid to jump in the deep end of the pool and swim to the flags without goggles. Well that’s not going to happen. The Kid goes to weekly swimming lessons but he can’t swim without a floating device yet or without goggles.

We head back to the Splash Park disappointed that the junior activities are out of bounds unless you can swim in the deep end of a pool! All is not lost as he happily climbs back up the slides and continues to go go go!

This is a great pool for a few hours of fun with the kids, just be aware of the rules and abilities that surround the Aqua Splash school holiday activities. They cost extra and may cause disappointment. Also be prepared with cash as there are no ATM’s at this centre, and the lockers cost $2 every time you open it.

For the bigger kids over age 10 there are also some very cool water slides. Summer hasn’t ended, get down there and check it out.